Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome to the Women's Room!

When I was in grad school, I remember finally finishing my last semester and rushing out of the stuffy university classrooms, where I had been reading hundreds of pages of text, to go to the bookstore with my friends to buy fiction! Not that I have anything against nonfiction – at least forty percent of what I read is nonfiction – but I have a special love for novels, particularly those that feature women.

Since I have just released a novel that relates to women and being best friends, and I have two short stories that will be released by Silver Publishing in May, I wanted to devote my blog to women and women's fiction.

So, fasten your seatbelt. I'm very opinionated and I love to talk about social issues.  More importantly, I'm interested in your take on what's going on.  And if you don't agree with me, all the better! I welcome dissent. I love respectful disagreements.  We are not the Borg on Star Trek! Your opinion is welcome.

In honor of Marilyn French, I'm naming my blog "The Women's Room." I hope that we will never go back to that period in time when women were not allowed to voice their opinions – although it hasn't even been 100 years since women received the right to vote  and in many places in the world, they are still silenced.  But it won't happen here.

Author of Straight and Narrow


  1. Thanks for the kind comment, Lindsay. I've linked to your blog.

    My next post will be all about turning 40 :-) Stay tuned!

    Best, Sigrid