Sunday, April 29, 2012

"I Don't Know Where but She Sends Me There" – The Beach Boys

Ah, love. Is there anything in the world like it? Colors seem brighter, food tastes better, just getting up in the morning fills you with a sense of anticipation. And although regular romantic love is fantastic, I've always been especially intrigued by forbidden love. The student teacher relationship; the married man; falling for your boss; developing an interest in your best friend's partner. What then?

The best novels are based on forbidden love, and if not forbidden, then doomed. Think of The Thornbirds or Dr. Zhivago, Wuthering Heights or The Great Gatsby. Of course, it can't be as fulfilling or satisfying as an uncomplicated relationship, but it makes for great reading.

Next month Silver Publishing will release my first erotic short story entitled "The Pink Triangle." Kari and Lizzie are best friends. They are inseparable until they both fall for the same woman, who chooses Lizzie. After too many drinks, Kari finds herself alone with her best friend’s girl; her actions have lasting consequences.

What happens? Stay tuned.

SigridMac, using the pseudonym Tiffanie Good.

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